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Iliana Hadzhiatanasova


I figured out a way to make any picture/object pulsate. First I set the entrance and exit animations of the object to fade and adjusted the time of the animations (I used 0.5 cause I didn't want it to be too fast or too slow and it works quite well). After that I created 2 triggers - one of them is to change the state of the object to hidden once the entrance animation completes and the second one changes the state to normal when the exit animation completes. It works really well - tested it both on pictures and shapes. :) 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nour!

I just tested Iliana's course as well and I am seeing that behavior in the HTML5 output, but the Flash output works as expected. The preview for SL2 is Flash as well, so that explains the match-up there.

There are a few examples for creating a 'pulse' animation on this thread as well if you'd like to take a look.

Iliana Hadzhiatanasova

Hi, Nour!

I know what might be the problem. The thing with articulate and the timeline is that whenever the timeline finishes, if an object has an exit animation, it will disappear. You can escape that by setting the timeline to be a lot of seconds (and you know the user can not spend that long on the slide). Unfortunately, I don't think there is another way.