Question Banks don't get highlighted/selected in the Menu Panel, Storyline 3

Hi, I noticed that Question Banks don't get highlighted in the Menu Panel like regular slides. If you choose to show each question separately by going to Player > Menu > and click the gear to show slide drawer contents, then they highlight fine in the Menu. 

I noticed that in the HTML, the Question Banks are missing the cs-selected and menu-item-selected CSS classes associated with active and selected menu items. 

This seems like a minor detail but is important to what I'm trying to accomplish with the menu, plus it is good practice to let the user know which slide they are currently on.

I am using Storyline 3 and publishing to HTML5 only.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Perry,

It sounds similar to an issue our team is investigating where the menu didn't show a highlight (when currently on the slide) and visited (when you visited the slide and moved on). It seems this is only limited to the question bank slide, but if you expose the questions in the menu that would allow them to appear. 

I included your discussion here as a part of the report filed with our team, so I'll let you know once I have any updates to share!