Question on editing scrolling panels

Mar 17, 2023


I am trying to update a course built by someone else and they used a scrolling panel. Is there an easy way to edit the scrolling panel or do I need to start fresh?

Thank you!

2 Replies
Daniel Canaveral

Could you provide more information regarding the issue you're facing? Is it just that you are finding it tedious to edit content linked to the scrolling panel (i.e., having to scroll up and down to find and edit elements)? If so, just select all the elements within the scrolling panel, group them, move the group outside of the scrolling panel, then ungroup and proceed with editing.

Walt Hamilton

Anything in a scrolling panel can be edited the same as if it were outside the panel. As Daniel says, you can scroll to find them, or select them on the timeline.

Personally, the one caution I would have is that it is easy to accidentally move them out of the panel without realizing it, so keep an eye on where they are. The timeline can be your best friend for that. If their physical placement in relation to each other is important, editing them inside the panel lessens the risk of inadvertently moving them.