Question set to Resume Saved State doesn't resume to saved state

I have a multiple choice, graded quizzing slide, straight-up Storyline built-in template.  I have When Revisiting set to Resume Saved State.  If I submit an answer I get expected feedback.  If I exit the course from that screen, launch, and say Yes to Resume where I left off, the question slide is NOT in the state I left it in.  

Start over with no data in the LMS. Launch the course and submit and answer to the question and get the expected feedback and then click Next and exit the course on the next screen.  Launch, say Yes to Resume where I left off, and then click Previous.  Only now that screen is in the expected state that I left it in.

It only "remembers" if I leave the screen, it does not remember if I exit the course from that screen.  Why not?  Does Storyline treat questions differently regarding Resume Saved State?

Furthermore, on that same screen I have a trigger in the correct feedback layer to change a variable.  If I exit the course from that screen, it also loses the change I made to the variable. It only retains the change I made to the variable if I first leave the screen before exiting the course.  Why? What am I doing wrong?

Here is a video demonstrating:

Attached is the .story file, I'm using Storyline 2, Update 3

(I mention in the beginning of the video that these questions are not "attached" to any Results Slide in case it matters.  Just ignore that if it doesn't matter.)



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Emily Ruby

Hello David!

The issue of the slides not resuming to saved state when exiting from that slide has been looked into by the QA team. It does appear to be as designed, however I am going to share this thread with them to look into it a bit further.

As far as the variable not being saved, would you be able to share the LMS debug logs from the suspended attempt as well as the resumed attempt? You can attach them here, or if you would like you can submit the to the support team directly.

David Kelling


(These won't be here long-term for anyone viewing this thread later.)

I started over, clearing tracking data.  Launch course, submit correct answer for 1st question and click Next, submit correct answer for 2nd question, see variable value of 10 and exit from 2nd queston:

I launch and resume to 2nd question and see variable value of 5 (not 10 as left):



Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone,

Popping in to share that we no longer see the issue with the suspend_data not being sent to the LMS with the submit interaction trigger when using the latest update of Storyline 360, Build 3.61.27106.0.

If you run into another issue using the latest update of Storyline 360, please reach out to our support team directly here.