Question slides following a text master, question text going into the title text

Hi, I'm new to Storyline 3 and have never used much out-of-the-box quizzing functionality even in earlier versions, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious here.

I'm working on creating a new template for my team, actually, and want to get some sample quiz questions built out while at the same time establishing our master slides and styles. 

The issue I'm running into now is when I add a graded question, it automatically applies my default text slide master, and the text of the question I enter ends up in the title text box rather than in its own box:


Do I need to create a new master for quiz slides? If so, how do I tell it which text box is where I want the text of the question in and which is for the title of the slide? (I would like quiz slides to continue to have titles and headers like the others.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anneke,

Thanks for sharing your slides with us! I took a look and saw that you'd fully customized your slide masters and removed the built-in ones which include a Question option. Not to worry - you can easily adjust your own masters to work for quizzes or import this file into a new file to regain those built-in slide masters. I recorded a quick Peek 360 video to show you the difference. 

Keep in mind that the slide title will always refer to the question text. That tip should help you redesign slide masters that fit with your needs. 

Joe Vinson

Hello, I'm having a similar issue. I'm using Articulate Storyline 2 and have modified the default master slides, adding an additional Text Box placeholder to all masters (including Question / Question with Media) that serves as sort of a "breadcrumb" — it's in the top of the layout, with small white text on a dark rectangle labeling where we are in the course. The problem is when I create a quiz, it's populating this Text Box with the questions, instead of the main Text Box (which is mostly unchanged from the initial state). Is there a way to specify which Text Box the quiz questions will populate?

John Morley

The question master layouts are counterintuitive, in that the "Question Title" is the question statement. More to the point, it also shows up in the menu as the title of the slide. This is unlike the content master layouts with a "Slide Title" that shows up in the menu.

Is there anyway to have an actual question title (which shows up in the menu) that is separate from the question statement?

I am aware the slide titles can be manually changed in the menu. But also aware that this takes a lot of time in a longer quiz or WTB.

Also, I am not able to make Joe Vinson's solution work. When his entry states "text box that is the highest layer," does that mean on an actual layer, or just moved higher in the stack on the timeline? Either way, it does not seem to work for me.

Lyn Davis

I found that I had do the following before I could see the update to the slide using the solution described by Joe:

1. Bring the "Question Title" item to the front layer on the master slide

2. Close the master slide, choose a different question layout for the slide then choose the question layout that I adjusted in step 1 (for some reason, simply resetting the slide didn't work for me)

*I also had to make sure I had text in both the Slide Title and Question Title text fields. For whatever reason, if I left the Slide Title text field blank, the slide would not update as expected using the above steps.