Questions selected on result slides keep being unchecked.

Jan 30, 2023


I have 7 result slides, each calculating results of questions from one particular scene. There are 7 scenes, each consisting of both a question bank and 2 to 4 other questions. 

Result slide 1 calculates the results of the questions in scene 1, Result slide 2 calculates the results of the questions in scene 2 etc.

I select the questions to be scored in the 'quiz settings' window. But, after a while (I cannot tell when exactly or what I do exactly to cause it), some of the questions that had been checked, are being unchecked. 

For instance (see attachment), result slide 7.1 should score the questions of scene 1 'Communicatie en samenwerking'. They are all checked on the screenshot. However, after some time, some of the questions are being unchecked, sometimes all of the questions get unchecked, sometimes only the questions except the questions in the question bank '1.6 Draw from Communicatie en samenwerking' are being unchecked. 

Do you know what could be causing this please? 

Thank you!


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John Morgan

Hi Katie,

I'm sorry you're having issues with your boxes becoming unchecked in your quiz settings! This is definitely some odd behavior. We would love to troubleshoot this for you! Would you be willing to share your file here or with our support engineers privately in a support case?


Thanks for reaching out!


Sharon Bildstein

I am having the same problem with quiz questions becoming unchecked. Seems to happen after I make a tweak to the settings on the results slide and then whichever question slide I test (to verify scoring) becomes unchecked. My original problem I was troubleshooting is I can't get my 2 results slides to work correctly, they keep showing 0 as final score. I don't think I have a final results placeholder as mentioned by Stacey, but I'll check.