Quiz Results Template

Nov 07, 2019


I have spent a lot of time formatting a quiz results slide that I inserted directly from the "Add quiz results" slide option. Is there a way to save a quiz results slide (not the entire project - just this slide) as a master template? Or is there a way to create a master template for a quiz results slide? I tried in the past to copy and paste the slide into other areas of my project but the calculations kept messing up. Obviously i would need to customize it once inserted for that specific quiz, but the formatting took me quite a while and is consistent for all of the quizzes (and I have a lot to add).

Thank you!

- Jenny :)

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Peg R Harris

I wonder if someone can address this question, again.  I have used the import Storyline slide to import my custom Results slide. The problem is that the actual templates seem to be more variable-aware. For example, when I select one of the results templates, all of the results variables adjust correctly. When I use Import>Storyline, I need to figure out if I should be displaying Results.ScorePercent , or Results1.ScorePercent, and so forth.  So, I'd rather be able to save my Results slide template that has been customized with the images and font that I want, and just select that when I say to insert a Results slide.