Quiz settings in 360

Are there settings in a quiz to change the ability to retake a quiz? I have a course that seems to kick people out after retaking a quiz a number of times. I know I can change so each question can be retried more than once, but not the entire quiz. I have each question set to 1 attempt. 

Storyline 2 had a quiz settings button, but I don't know where it is in 360.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Steve

the unlimited tries is on a slide by slide basis.  

By checking the Retry quiz option on the results slide the user should be able to keep retaking the quiz - unless you have set a variable to stop them after so many tries is that not happening for you? 

This behaviour is same in SL2 and SL360

John Morris

Ok, thanks. 

 I have a restricted menu that allows users to return to parts of the lesson they have already visited, including a mid-lesson quiz.  I don't have that button.  When a user uses the menu to return to the quiz, what happens?  Is there not a setting in there somewhere that allows/disallows taking the quiz?

John Morris

Yes, there is a results slide in my project.

In Storyline 2 there is an Options tab on the Results Slide Properties dialog that has a check box for "Allow user to review quiz" and "Allow user to retry quiz."  This tab is not available in Storyline 360.

I understand that the retry button takes the user back to the beginning of the quiz and resets the score.  But I am interested in the permission (if you will) that allows or disallows the user to retake the quiz.

In Storyline 2 if the retry quiz button was not checked, the user could return to the quiz, by using the back buttons or menu, and the quiz would be "locked" with the users answers displaying.

Here is my question:  How do you do this in Articulate 360?

John Morris

I understand that adding the button executes the "Review Quiz" action.

This is a screenshot from Storyline 2.  I am looking for these permissions, not a trigger that moves the user around in the lesson.  If I am misunderstanding the function of these two check boxes, please feel free to explain them to me.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John! 

I made a 3-minute video which explains the difference in how the Retry Quiz and Review Quiz permissions are displayed in Storyline 2 and Storyline 360. Check it out here!

In essence, there are no "permissions" in Storyline 360. Including the button on a slide gives learners permission to review or retry a quiz, and removing the button removes permission to review or retry a quiz.

Let me know if that answers your question. 🙂

John Morris

This is very helpful.  I have actually been creating my own Retry and Review buttons in Storyline 2 using triggers.  I see what they do (reset results, jump to slide, review, etc.) but I interpreted that check box as being the ultimate permission.

I guess I was hung up on the word "allow." 

Upgrades of my favorite software can be traumatic (breathe in bag).  Thank you so much for your help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kimberly! That's a great question. 

The Submit Interaction trigger should be used on quiz slides, like drag and drop slides. This trigger marks the single quiz slide as correct or incorrect.

The Submit Results trigger should be used on the Results Slide. This trigger sends the overall quiz score to your LMS.

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your quiz and double check the triggers you're using. If you don't mind sharing your file with me, you can attach it right here!

Julie Jones

Hi! I am having a similar issue with 360. I have all of my slides set to reset state, I have a button to "start quiz" (pre-screen before quiz) that resets the results slide before retaking quiz. The issue is that the answers are reset but they are not selectable on the second time around. I am looking for a place to allow users to retake quiz but see the screenshot of my results slide?? I don't have the properties gear or any selectable options as shown in your short video. Where can I check to make sure I have the retake quiz option enabled?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julie!

You don't see the the properties gear or any selectable options in that window because you're using Storyline 360, and those features are in Storyline 2. 

We didn't remove those features in Storyline 360, we just changed their location. 😊

You mentioned you have a Start Quiz button 1 slide before the first quiz question. This button should have 2 triggers associated with it in this order:

  • Reset results [results slide] when the user clicks the button.
  • Jump to slide [next slide] when the user clicks the button.

You want to be sure the 'reset results' trigger is on top; otherwise, the trigger won't fire. 

If you're still getting stuck, feel free to attach your file here and I'll take a closer look at it!