Quizzes in separate scene

I have a very simple first course which is only a video that needs to be watched followed by some quiz questions. I've currently got the quiz questions following directly after the video slide in the same scene, but should the quiz questions rather be on a separate scene? Does it make a difference? Secondly, how do I prevent users from skipping ahead on the video? I've added video controls below the video, but I want to force users to watch the entire video without being able to skip to the end.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Susan,

With only the video slide to present the content, I'd keep everything in one scene. But it's really a matter of preference. It doesn't make any difference to the users.

  • Using multiple scenes would allow you to use scene titles as section titles if you're using the built-in Menu. But, again, in your current case, that doesn't seem worth it. 

It is a good idea to allow the user to pause and restart a video. They can do that just by clicking and re-clicking within the video frame. However, I think it's nice to also show video controls.

To prevent them from using the scrub bar on the video controls, just cover that part with a shape.

  • It could be colored to blend with background, or it could be 100% transparent or semi-transparent, so users could see the scrub bar but not click it. 
  • Add a trigger that changes the state of the shape to Hidden when the media completes. 
  • If you're using Restricted navigation, the built-in functioning will automatically keep Next disabled until the timeline completes. Otherwise, you'll have to add your own triggers to control the Next button.