Randomized Bingo Game


I want to make a randomized bingo game around some product terminology. I saw a great example in weekly challenge #98:


Would the randomization as in this card be accomplished with layers or maybe states? Any suggestions on how to be able to pick the color of the dauber.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Jessica Taylor

Hi Russell. I used your idea of the Pick Many question to build a bingo board. I want a picture to appear upon select of the text. However, when the text moved, the picture still appeared in the original location. I created a T/F variable to True and then I thought creating a toggle would help solve the issue. However, now the text box in that one cell (with the toggle) does not move on the board. If I continue this route, essentially I will only have one board. I've only done simple variables in the past. Can you offer suggestions on how to correct?