Recording Storyline IN Storyline

Aug 24, 2021

Hi -- I'm trying to create a screen recording that shows how to use Team Slides, templates and other SL features.  So, I'm recording demos of Storyline using Storyline.  And while it doesn't seem to be a problem to have two instances of the program open, there are some logistical challenges saving and managing the open processes.  Any best practices? I can certainly use another screen recording app, but I think there are advantages to capturing in SL.  Thx.  

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Steve Gannon

I do this often, Martin. What issues in particular are you running into?

In order to keep track of which window is which, be sure you don't have just a single scene named "Untitled" in each. I also usually maximize the SL window I'm inserting the recordings into and set the SL window I want to capture at a smaller size.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Martin,

I'm glad to see that Steve could pop in and share how he uses the software for a similar process.

I'm not sure which features of Storyline you hope to utilize with the screen recording. I typically use Peek 360 to record my screen and voiceover when I'm sharing information with colleagues and customers:

Getting Started with Peek 360

Martin Deutsch

Steve -- thanks for the response.  Yeah, I seem to have three issues:

1) Time.  Recordings are about 8-10 minutes in length, so I'm staring at the 'save' window for quite awhile... on at least two occasions I received the dreaded 'oops, something went wrong' Articulate message and was forced to restart.  When this happens the new project hasn't yet been created, so the video isn't available from the 'record screen' button on the Home tab. To your point, probably better to create the project and scene first, rather than to record from the SL Launch screen.

2) Size/Unknown  The first thing I need to say/show in my video on team slides is "Start Storyline and select Team Slides" so when I record this I don't have the second instance up and running yet.  I have to choose to record full screen to get these first steps.. any suggestions?  I don't want to select Team Slides from within an existing project, because the creation process is different for a template than for individual slides.

3) Size/UI.  What I'm capturing is the entire SL U/I, including the slides, toolbars and triggers, so I'm sort of locked into going full screen...  SL isn't really a response app in authoring mode.  It would be great if I could record at a smaller resolution to decrease file size and encoding overhead.


Steve Gannon

An 8-10 minute recording is pretty long. I recommend recordings of just 1-2 minutes duration. If need be, you can edit the start/end time using Action Fine Tuning and then advance from a recording on one slide to a recording on the next slide seamlessly.

For the "Start Storyline and Select Team Slides," consider making that a separate brief recording.

The Storyline application window can be sized down to about 1280x800. The toolbars are all visible at that size (albeit, you'll have to do more scrolling in the Timeline, Triggers and Layers panels).


Martin Deutsch

Agreed and good advice.  I guess this is more of a tutorial, in nature.  How to get to team project, how to use it, what elements have been customized and how... more of a walk-through.  And because it could also be posted to an internal website, it's really better implemented as a single recording rather than several.  While I could stitch together and then publish to a single video, I'd lose the interactivity I wanted to add.  Time to rethink, I guess.  Thx.