Reduce marks for each wrong answer

I want to create a quiz where user will

get 4 attempt to answer a multiple choice answer (having 4 options)

User will get 100 marks for correct answer in first attempt,

75 marks in second correct attempt

50 marks in third, and 25 in fouth attempt.

These marks should be displayed in result slide and should be tracked on LMS. 

I tried giving 'score by choice' by did not get output. Any suggestions?

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Tracy Parish

Nice challenge.  I found 2 ways to do this.

I also used the "score by choice", 2 questions, max score 100 points on each,  Max Passing score = 200.  NOTE:  Remember if you set the passing score on the Results slide to 80% this changes the max passing score to 160 points.

So the first version - question 1 - (first 2 slides) I have the first slide asking the question of the learner - this slide does not count towards the final total.  It does however trigger on the second slide the "answer attempt" the user made essentially giving them a score of 100, 75, 50, or 25 based on a variable (questioncount1) that is counting their attempts on the first slide.  (you can see this attempt count as a text box I have put on the slide just for designing purposes)

This second slide gives an "score by choice" to the results slide.

NOTE: This only works if they don't keep picking choice 2 (b) within the 4 choices of the questions.  Eg. if they keep picking (b) as the answer then the number of attempts would just keep going up and up.  So you can either auto-block them from continuing after 4 attempts, or change the state of each choice to disabled after they pick it.

You'll see on my second version - question 2 - (the 3rd slide) I put transparent shapes up over the choices after each guess so that they can't chose the same choice more than once.

The other thing you will see here is a small flicker as the quiz jumps over the 2nd slide for a fraction of a second.

The second version - question 2 - (slide 3) I added the questioning and scoring all on one slide.  The first trigger jumps us automatically to a layer where I recreated the question.  This is what the user would see.  As they pick answers it either will take them to the TRY AGAIN layer or the CORRECT layer.  Once on the correct layer, triggers are set up to change the state of  the "actual question choices" on the base layer to selected based on a variable (questioncount2) that is counting the number of attempts to get the question correct by the user.

In the end the score based on "number of attempts to get the question correct" is what is being sent to the results slide.

Not too confusing I hope, but reach out if it is. - Tracy


Think I need to do a blog post/video on this tomorrow. :)