Removing or Hiding the Previous/Next Buttons?

Jun 27, 2012

Hi There! I'm using Storyline to put together a (really cool) museum-style interaction that will play on a touch screen computer at a historical site! I'd like to essentially make the interaction play full screen at 1280X720, so I've gone in and set all of the player elements as transparent.  Here's my question: I have gotten rid of everything but the previous and next buttons- how do I turn these off?


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Donald Michaels

What about the Play button? Doesn't seem to be an option to disable or hide this. I'm showing a video on a separate layer; the video is located on a streaming server and has its own controls. But the Play button in the Storyline player is still visible and active, and if someone were to click on it, it would bring them back to the base layer, interrupting the video.

Modassar Warsi

Thanks Christine Hendrickson

"You're using a custom "Submit" button and they're still showing up? Do you have the default buttons enabled on any other slides in the course? If so, that may be what's happening."

Check your complete file for any slide even if you might not be using that slide in a regular flow of your course!