Replace video function does not change or update the timeline length


I have just discovered a bit of an issue and I am not sure if it is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

If I import a video into the slide that is say 60 seconds long, it imports fine and it goes out to the 60 seconds in the timeline.

If I right click and choose Replace Video - From file, the new video, which is 30 seconds, imports fine, but the timeline stays at 60 seconds.

If I import a video that is 120 seconds long, the same, the timeline stays at 60 seconds.

Is this normal?

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Walt Hamilton

Not shortening the timeline is normal. 

Not lengthening it - if you click or double click the video on the timeline, it may lengthen it. Otherwise, this might not be normal. Preview it, and see if it plays the whole video. If so, it may be that all is well. It just isn't lengthening the timeline until the next time it refreshes and repaints it.

Joseph Francis

The very first thing I do after I import a video is right-click on the video object's duration on the timeline and de-select Show Until End. That locks the duration to the length of the imported video, and it doesn't change if I lengthen the slide's timeline.

It also means if I replace the video, the video object's duration on the timeline will be the new video's duration, whether that is longer than or shorter than the replaced video's duration.