Replay a slide (button)

Feb 13, 2019

Is there a way of replaying a slide without having to enable the Seekbar? 

How about having the play/pause button AND the replay/restart button? 

My slides have text boxes that appear and use a clickable Chevron to display the next text box and so on. I've had to pause the timeline in order for this to work. This is just messing up the seekbar and the play/pause button because I want the person to be able to 'reset' or restart a slide. 

Feature enhancement suggestion: an option to not have to work with a timeline. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

You could look at building a custom button with a "jump to slide this slide" trigger to have the slide reload. You'll want to test out any interactivity you have there and your slide properties to make sure this meets your needs. 

Also, thanks for all the ideas on how you'd like to modify the seekbar features and get rid of a timeline altogether. I'd love to have more details about what you would like to see regarding this setup if you're up for logging a feature request.

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Piotr. I understand now. Triggers have to point to a specific slide, even if it's the same slide. This confusion is our fault for implying there is the actual text "this slide" in the trigger options. Sorry about that! Since this trigger will be different on every slide, you'll have to edit it on every slide.

Hannes Hess

Tried this and it works nicely as long as I am on the base layer. However how can I recreate the reload button on a layer?

When I am on a layer and have the button to 'Jump to this slide" it does not start on the layer but starts on the base layer. I tried adding a second trigger afterwards to show the layer but it does not work, seems to ignore it. Ok I could probably do something where it saves the layer I was on in a variable and then whenever the slide is reloaded it would poll that variable and load the right layer but that is lots of work with potential for chaos.

Martin Powis

I'm trying to do the same.   I want a reply slide button on every slide.   If I add a trigger on an individual slide and select jump to this slide, the slide replays.   However, if I try to add a trigger on a master slide, the option for "this slide" doesn't exist.   How does storyline not know what the current slide is, when it know the previous and next slides?

I want to avoid having the same trigger on all slides.   Is there another way to be able to replay the current slide using a trigger on a master slide?