Replay Button on Seekbar Not Working

Mar 29, 2016

Hi. A client has come back to me to note that the replay button on the right side of the seekbar doesn't work. I've checked it on both the Flash and HTML5 versions. I also can't find any triggers that specify the replay button, when pushed, should replay the audio for the slide. Can you help?

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Michael Griffin

So this means that we can't use "Resume saved state" in combination with the Seekbar?  The slide will work -- except for the replay button which will be visible but nonfunctional? 

Is this still the case?  Are there are workarounds to either remove the replay button or make it function?

Thanks so much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

The same setup exists in Storyline 360 (and Storyline 3) where:

In some cases, you may notice that the Rewind button at the right end of the seekbar doesn't actually start the slide over from the beginning.

The behavior of the Rewind button is determined by the “When revisiting” property for each slide. There are three options to choose from:
Automatically decide: This is the default option, and it means Storyline will decide automatically whether to rewind the slide or not. Here's the logic: If the slide contains just simple objects and audio but no interactivity, Storyline will rewind the slide to the beginning of the slide’s timeline. However, if the slide contains any interactive elements, such as buttons or any other object that includes a visited/selected state, Storyline won't rewind the slide.
Resume saved state: This option will always prevent the slide from rewinding.
Reset to initial state: This option will always force the slide to rewind.
To change the “When revisiting” property for slides in your course, see this user guide.
If you'd prefer to simply remove the Rewind button, you can do that, too. Bear in mind that removing the Rewind button will also remove the seekbar.
For an Individual Slide
To remove the seekbar and Rewind button from a single slide, uncheck the Seekbar box in the slide properties.
For the Entire Course
To remove the seekbar and Rewind button from the entire course, uncheck the Seekbar box in Player > Features.
Jason Hanger

This seems to be a feature/issue that should be resolved in the software and not addressed by workarounds. It's a Rewind button. It should work like a Rewind button found in any other UI learners and developers are accustomed to interacting with. Maybe it's matter of making this the normal behavior as a default and adding controls to allow a developer to alter if necessary but not required to create familiar, and well designed from a usability standpoint, learning experiences. Additionally, I would highly suggest the seek bar and rewind button be unlinked in terms of showing or not showing controls. Although related functions, these should be available independent of each other in the controls. 

Kristin Savko

Add my vote to this as well. This comes up for us a lot, and it's not easy for us to handle. Our users want it to rewind, or start the slide over. Sometimes it works they way they desire, sometimes it doesn't...that's frustrating for everyone. We need to be able to have separate control over the "when revisiting" and the function of the replay button. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philippe JEANTY

Actually while on the "wish-list" how about a Stop button that freezes the timeline too ? The more the player resemble the function of a old fashion DVD player the easier for users to adapt. And most of these should be options for triggers such as When user press XX stop timeline or restart timeline...

Bérengère LITTY

I add my vote here.

A rewind button should rewind no matter how the slide is designed. You click, it goes back to the beginning. No thinking should be necessary.

For the learners, it just looks like an annoying bug forcing you to drag the seekbar manually.

Please, do something to fix that.