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Angie Bohn

This is BEYOND annoying... I have a current project that needs to resume saved state but they would like to be able to "REPLAY" the slide. I can't believe I'm just realizing this doesn't work as one would think. Angry clients make for an angry developer... please set the replay button to work as a typical replay button would and should... it should not be associated with the seekbar. 

Deb Creghan


Thanks for your response. I didn't use the video controls initially because the client does not want to allow a user to fast forward the video. The seekbar can be controlled - but I don't see an option to do the same with the video controls. 

If there is a way to use these controls to pause and replay, but remove the ability to fast forward please share it with me. This is what I need to accomplish.



Amy Birkhead

I'm working with an audio file that should be able to be replayed. Is there any way around this? I need users to be able to select replay to hear a question again and then interact with the slide. If there is no seekbar, how would a hearing impaired individual know that the audio is still playing and that the slide isn't frozen? 

Jean-Christophe Goyette

For replaying only the audio, I have came up with the following steps:

  • Duplicating the audio file in the slide
  • Have the original audio file plays normally in the timeline
  • Add a trigger on a custom button to play the copy
  • Add a variable that enable the Replay button to be clicked after the original audio file is complete

As for a Replay function, I feel like it's long overdue to get such a trigger, because right now, a user can either replay a slide everytime s/he revisits (reset to initial state) or cannot do so (resume saved state). There should be an option to replay a slide, even if you set it to "resume saved state".