Replay Button on Seekbar Not Working

Mar 29, 2016

Hi. A client has come back to me to note that the replay button on the right side of the seekbar doesn't work. I've checked it on both the Flash and HTML5 versions. I also can't find any triggers that specify the replay button, when pushed, should replay the audio for the slide. Can you help?

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Janee Molchan

Add my vote too. I'm disappointed to see this issue was originally mentioned 4 years ago and it still hasn't been fixed. At a minimum, there should be a way to remove the Replay button (independently of the seek bar) so that my learners aren't reporting that the player is "broken" because it isn't functioning (rewinding) as expected. 

Corey Thomas

Ok, this is a little more than annoying was wondering why the button was non functional in the player, had to look up the question and was surprised to see it tied to the revisiting states. This should really be addressed, all other player buttons are not tied to a replay state it does not make sense to pin the rewind button to one either.

Peter Flynn

Stuff like this really has me scratching my head with Articulate. Why have a button that that has a hover state and looks like a button if you can't click it and actually have it restart the timeline. I do like the simplicity of the software, but more control over individual elements would really make this software sing. I swear this worked in earlier versions of the software, why change it to how it logically would function?

Stephen Ferenchak

For anyone using the modern player, you can hide the rewind/replay/reset button using javascript for any slides that you need to have the "Resume saved state" property enabled.

Set a trigger that Executes the following javascript when the timeline starts on any slide you want to hide the button.

document.querySelector('#reset').style.display = 'none';

Doing it this way currently doesn't require you to manually re-show the button on subsequent slides.

Ideally, we wouldn't have to do it this way because it's a flimsy workaround, so add me down as another vote for making this work as end users of the software and end users of the published files expect a rewind/replay/reset button to work.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve,

This feature is not on our immediate roadmap. You can see the items currently in development and planned via this link:

Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap

Can you describe your course set-up and how you would like a custom button to behave? I'm sure someone in the community will be able to chime in and help you with your design.

Brad Walker

There are so many comments from staff on this thread that state that "we listen to what our users want" etc. 

If that truly is the case, I don't understand why this has not been completed let alone stating that the feature is not on our immediate roadmap. Your community is crying out for this yet it has still not been addressed.

Philippe comments above "I hate to be cynical but don't hold your breath. Clamoring for this has gone on for over 4 years !"