May 30, 2021

Hello everyone. 

Our organization uses the cornerstone LMS system, which allows us to upload learning software and create a report based on the data.


One of our customers is looking for a quiz learning software. The software should allow the manager to view the quiz results, what answers were chosen by the learner, what were the correct answers, etc.


Everything works amazing in English. However, in Hebrew the user's answer part appears as underline ("____") instead of the actual answer.


Our first thought was that cornerstone quiz report couldn't display the results in Hebrew, however, we do get the question description in Hebrew with no underlines in the report.

Cornerstone told us that it's probably related to the storyline.


Can you help me in any way?


Built in: storyline 3

Quiz was done at graded questions > multiple choice.

Publish: LMS, html5 only, scorm 2004.

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