Reporting Issue with TalentLMS

Dec 13, 2021

Hi community!

I am a semi-newb to the articulate community and managing an LMS, so please humor me with this question. I created a course for our office using Storyline 360. I published it as a SCORM 1.2 package and uploaded to TalentLMS to deploy to our users. At the advice of articulate, I created results pages after each assessment of the course. There are multiple choice questions, free response, and a survey at the end to improve the course. It wasn't till later that I was advised to create a 4th results page (combining the results from other results pages into 1 final results page) in order to view all the responses. But after uploading to TalentLMS and testing it, I am still unable to see the any analysis of the SCORM file other than the completion of the multiple choice questions. Reportage for the other 2 assessments does not show. It's very frustrating because I have only a starting LMS with TalentLMS, so questions are only answered every 24-48 hrs. I don't know how else to publish this course so that I can get all the necessary reports back from users. 

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with TalentLMS?


Thank you, 



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