Reporting on Variables - short answer survey questions

Jan 13, 2023

Hi all, Happy Friday!! 
 I'm struggling trying to capture results from text entry variables in LMS… I followed the steps in this link.

  • Create a Short Answer survey question for each variable I want to report.
  • Assign each variable to the question slides.
  • Hide the question slides.
  • Link the question slides to a result slide.
  • Selected the result slide as your tracking option when you publish.

I'm able to show the variables in storyline when i test.. but when I go and put into LMS or SCORM cloud it doesn't show me the text variable that I created.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated..  I have also added my storyline file


Results Negative

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John Morgan

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for reaching out about this! I checked out the link you provided in your post and that article is for an older version of Storyline. Check out the link below. It has updated information on reporting variables while using survey questions, especially if using more than one variable.

Reporting variables using survey questions

I hope this helps!