Reporting/Tracking Setting for Inspired iLMS

I have completed a course in Storyline, and I'm ready to publish. I use Inspired iLMS. Using the settings below, the LMS doesn't register my graded quiz (ie. if a user fails, the LMS still says complete) when the exit trigger is selected. Once the storyline course ends, I have to refresh the LMS to see my course completion status. 

Does anyone know the correct settings to use?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Quanta,

Thanks for sharing that image! It looks like you're using the correct reporting status, but let's revisit some other settings:

  • Are you tracking using a results slide?
  • If you prefer the course remain Incomplete until the learner passes an exam, have you considered forcing them to restart the test instead of allowing them to Exit?
  • Do you have any additional tracking options selected? For example, is there a Complete Course trigger tied to your Exit course button?

You can also share your .story file with our Support Team, and they can help you troubleshoot the course to find the best settings!