REQUEST: Slide panel view controls

May 09, 2022

I am facing the same issue today that many others have posted about over a year ago. That being the slides line up horizontally in the slide panel if there is no relationship between them. That means, even if I want to have separate slides that do not interact, I still have to create a link between them. It is nonsensical to do this. It is nearly impossible to work with tiny icons and navigate around in the extremely narrow slide panel without this option. It is also not accessible for people who experience visual impairments. Can something be done about this behavior so that we can choose to have slides line up vertically while maintaining the full size in the slide panel?

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Steve Gannon

Jennifer, you can adjust the size of the thumbnail images in the Scenes panel to the left of the slide by clicking anywhere in the Scenes panel, holding down the Control key and rolling your mouse wheel up or down.

You can also adjust the size of the Scenes panel a bit by clicking and dragging the right edge of the panel to the right.