Reset a Drag and Drop activity without changing slide property

Feb 17, 2014

I am creating a Drag and Drop activity with a Reset functionality. As per the requirement, the Drag and Drop activity should reset to its initial state only if the student clicks on the "Reset Activity" button and it should not reset to initial state if a student has completed the activity and is revisiting the slide.

After searching through the forums, the only option I have found to reset a Drag and Drop activity is to set the slide property to "Reset to Initial State", but this would reset the activity every time a student is visiting it. Is there any way to avoid this, for example, avoid resetting the slide when the timeline starts based on the value of a variable?

I have attached a sample activity file.

Thank you for your replies.

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Dino Daniel

I got a reply from the support that currently such a feature is not possible.

"The current Storyline Update 5 will only allow you to reset the drag and drop items to it's initial positions if you use the "Reset to initial state" slide property of the base layer and use the Jump to Slide (current slide) trigger."

Harri S

Hi Dino,

Would you be able to have a duplicate slide and use that for your reset activity functionality.

So the first slide would be resume saved state with a 'reset' button on it. When the learner clicks reset they actually jump to the duplicate slide that is always 'reset to initial state'

Just a thought, hope it helps