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Jan 30, 2015


I'm having difficulty getting the results score to tally with the actual score (if that makes sense!). I am getting all of the questions right but only scoring 90% - please see attached screen shot. I have checked and re-checked the triggers and the fact that the states on the results slide are changing gives me confidence that they are OK. I just can't work out why the % score won't match.

I am using a copied results slide so am using the following code:


Could someone please advise?

Thank you

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Dean Wasche

Hi Leslie,

I take it all back!

My work around has caused me problems with completion tracking on the LMS so I have reinstated the assessment score but I can't get it above 90% even though I am definitely selecting the right answers and all the triggers and variables look good to me.

Would you mind taking a look? I have uploaded a 'lite' project file now as the total file is quite large. Thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dean! I'm not sure that I'm seeing what you are reporting. I took the assessment and made 100% on the quiz.

Can you check my published output and see if you're seeing the same behavior that you are reporting:


Dean Wasche

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for getting back to me as this one has has me stumped! I've just completed the assessment by following the link that you posted. I got all the answers right (as verified when I clicked on 'view results' at the end but my score was 90%. Are you seeing something different? If so, what can be causing this?



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Leslie McKerchie

Upon further testing, I am consistently getting 100% on the quiz, but chose to review results after your comment above, and #10 is consistently being marked incorrectly.

So, what I'm seeing is that I get 100%, even with one answer wrong.

I was then able to answer #10 wrong, and get the 90% mark, but the view results shows that the question is correct.

Is this the same question that you are having issue with? Perhaps this slide/question needs to be re-created.

Leslie McKerchie

It's been a while Dean - do you remember what you had to do to correct the last issue or did you never get it corrected?

This time, I'm getting 100%, but the review still shows me that #8 is incorrect.

I took a look and it seems that for #8 in the Form view - you have B3, which points to 'Rainbow' marked as correct - but in your Trigger to adjust the variable on the Submit button layer - you have 'True' set to when B4 is selected, which is 'Metallic'.

Dean Wasche

Leslie you've cracked it! Thank you so much - this was driving me mad!!

I can't remember exactly what I did a year a go - I think I just designed a new quiz in the end but I was loathed to do that this time.

I need better labelling on my timeline I think - I'm getting confused by the objects!

Thanks again!

Dean Wasche

Hi, I did resolve the issue but I'm afraid I can't remember the specifics although I'm pretty sure I had made a mistake somewhere despite checking and re-checking. I would recommend a fresh set of eyes on your project as it is likely that you have made an error somewhere. I'm not staff but I have found them to be excellent at resolving issues if you are able to share your file. Hope this helps.