Results Slides for a Pre-Assessment

Oct 01, 2021

I'm looking for some wisdom on a pre-assessment I am developing. This course will have three sections to it, and I'd like to build one pre-assessment that will direct learners to sections based on which part of the pre-assessment they pass. 

I have the pre-assessment built with three results slides that the learner will not see. Those three results slides will feed into a results slide the learner will see, and this one will show the pass/fail scores of the three sections. 

My issue is that I don't want the learner to pass based on an overall score, but I want them to pass assuming they pass all three sections. If they don't, they would only have to take the one. I feel like I'm not successfully figuring this out. Maybe I'm overthinking how to do it. 

If you can provide some help, that would be great. Thank you so much!

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Helen Dudley

Could you use true/false variables for this?

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Bryan Smith

Thank you Phil and Judy. When I went back into the course yesterday, I noticed that I could set the Results slide to require the user to pass all three. I wish I had seen this on Friday before I made the post. I felt like a dope. :-) Judy, I am also using the Results variables to direct which section they need to complete. I'm glad to know I'm on the right track with that too. 

Helen, I did create three True/False variables as well. I'm not going to use them for passing the pre-assessment, but they will help with directing the learner through any of the course they will need to complete.

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your responses and your help.