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Raphael Cominelli

I think this can really be a great feature to add in Storyline.

In our company we translate every course that we create in 20 languages.
We have then to create Review links and TinCan files for each course.
And for each small correction we do, we have to update links and files...

So you can imagine how much time could save us a scheduler feature like this!

Andrea Briganti

Publishing courses based on a multilanguage approach is for sure an issue in terms of wasting time! In my specific case I am preparing compliance courses for the financial industry to explain rules on how to properly behave in various countries worldwide while offering financial products and services. The template is always the same but in case of updates in the regulation than the course must be updated as well. For the time being this is just in English but I am also not excluding that the fututre will see the same course in other languages.

However also the remark of Raphael is important. Small corrections or updates requested by the content experts require a new publishing process. I am sure that a lot of other users of Articulate will love the proposed feature.