SCORM courses opening in new pop-up windows, not Current Window

Feb 02, 2022

Hi all,

This may be a shot in the dark, but the Moodle forums are nowhere near as thorough, helpful, or even monitored like this one is so I'll take my chances here. I have eight SCORM courses that will be accessed by users via my client's Moodle-based LMS.  In Moodle, I've set the SCORM packages to "open in Current Window." However, none of them are performing this way. They all show a "launch course" button on the course page, and that opens the SCORM course in a new window. Then, throughout the course when an external URL or resource attachment needs to be opened, they open as a new tab in the original browser window which caused massive confusion and I got absolutely roasted for in my beta test.

Is there a setting in Storyline that I'm missing? Has anyone familiar with Moodle seen and solved this problem?

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Nedim Ramic

Hi Ammity,

If there is a "launch course" button on the course page, you have probably checked the "Launch player in new window" option inside the Storyline player settings.  This option will create a launch page button as shown on your screenshot. Please find the attached screenshot to see what I mean.