Name used when publishing to LMS overrides title on Player

Dec 02, 2020

When I publish to LMS, the default name to save it is the same name as I enterd in the Player.  If I name it something different, it changes the name on the player.  I want to save it with the revision number, but don't want that to show up on the player title!  I can change the name on the SCORM .zip file as I make it, but I shouldn't have to do that.  Also, then it doesn't match the folder name that was published.  Why should the player care what the folder name is that I'm creating when I publish?  This seems dumb that they are tied together.  Am I missing something? 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Gordon!

I hope you're well! I've looked at this on my end, and this is what it looks like. I'm noticing the Player Title and Published Title are the same. The file name is the initial Player Title and Published Title if I don't make any changes. Can you let me know if this is different than what you're seeing?

Gordon Wimpress

Yes, that is what I see. But I don’t want the name on the player to change when I change the name that I’m publishing to. That doesn’t make sense. I want the name on the player to stay the same. I want to be able to publish new versions as I do updates and fixes, but I don’t want that version to show up on the player name.  How am I supposed to recognize new and different versions if they’re all named the same thing?

Gordon Wimpress

Again, you’re missing my point. This is the second time you've given me the same answer, and you are not hearing my problem.


The issue is when I publish to LMS. Not save the file. Publish. The name of the published folder when publishing to LMS matched the player, and if you change it, the name on the player itself changes. It makes no sense why these are tied together.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Gordon!

I appreciate you clarifying as we work through this together!

Authors can use both the Title located in the Player Properties and the Title in the published window to name courses. This is the course title, so it will update whether you use the Title in the Player Properties or publishing window.

If publishing different versions, one method is to publish the course with the Title and then manually rename the published output folder by adding the version number such as “Sample File 001.” I know another method is to publish using the version number, and then in the final publish, just use the course name.

Let me know if you have additional questions!