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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bhrugita,

It looks like Walt and Erin have you covered here, but I did want to pop in as there isn't a feature within Storyline's video editing or screen recording fine tuning to speed up the playback, but it's certainly something worth sharing in the form of a feature request. Those go to our product development team and we're always interested to hear about new features or ideas you have that would make working with Articulate products easier and faster for you! 

Claudia Medina

Dear Ashley,

When I record a Try it or Demo, each slide is recorded in 31 seconds. I have tried to change the default because I need only 4 seconds. I have not been able to change this yet. Hence, I am editing the length of each slide one at a time. I have not been able to change the default settings.  I used Fine Tuning, but it is very time consuming.  I would like to change the settings so that I can record in fewer seconds per slide. Where should I go? I use Storyline 2.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Claudia. You might see slides of varying length depending on the action, but 31 seconds sounds like a lot for every slide. If you can share your .story file with us, we can test it with your permission. It will be helpful to know whether you're recording a desktop program or a program on the web. If it's on the web, let us know which browser you're using. We'll delete your files when we're done troubleshooting!

Claudia Medina

Dear Crystal,

Thanks so much for your support. I am recording  Microsoft EndNote in my desktop.  I am trying to find out whether I can share the .story file with you.  Here at Gilead Science the privacy of  our courses is very important. I change the time from 31 seconds to 3 or 5 manually. It was very time consuming. I am wondering whether there is any way to global changes to a simulation in this regard.



Amelie Hanna

Thank you Leslie for your video. However this option does not work. I am talking about screen recording shot in a specific slide, rather than the whole screen recording. I am looking for something like right-click for specfic shot to be converted to video ... as per the image previously posted. Thank you

Lauren Connelly

Hello Amelie!

Thank you for clarifying! We don't currently have a tool in Storyline 360 that speeds up video. As a workaround, I'd suggest exporting the videos and editing the speed in a video editing tool. Then you can import them back into the project using the Media Library.  Here is more information on how to import assets into the Media Library.