Scrolling in Storyline - the horizontal problem ...

Jan 22, 2021

Hi all

I've read through some options on horizontal scrolling - but my requirement doesn't seem to work using the 'rotate' solution.

I have a large Excel that I want to embed into a scrolling panel to let people scroll through it and also 'interact' with cells.

I've taken screenshots of the Excel and stitched them in PS - giving me a large horizontal image. I am adding hotspots to layer on the image triggering layers with info on specific cells. All good. I want to select ALL these elements and drag them into the 'horizontal scrolling panel... Anyone have any clever ideas or done something similar?

I've done this with great results for a long image in portrait layout, but am beat so far when trying to rotate it all as some have described.

ARTICULATE - what I'd really LOVE to see is the option to insert a scrolling panel that can do vertical, horizontal OR BOTH!!! Any chance?



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Tom!

I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us! We already have a feature request submitted for horizontal scrolling panels in Storyline 360. I've added your comments to our feature request so our team can continue tracking the impact of this request. 

I'll update this discussion when this makes it on our feature roadmap