Selected text box variable visual issue

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I'm new to storyline and running into an issue I was not able to find on here. My company has several storyline courses developed, each of them having a slide that has 5 selection boxes with unique text that then displays the selected text on the next few slides through a variable my co-worker developed. The issue we are having is the wrapping/line spaces does not seem to match from the selection text box and the variable text box. I confirmed the text box dimensions are the same, same font and size, margins. I have attached a screenshot of the text that is in the selection slide and a screenshot of the variable slide to show the difference in spacing/indenting. Anyone have experience with this? does this have to be coded or is it some formatting issue I am missing?


Thank you in advanced. 

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Math Notermans

Variables behave somewhat peculiar. They take over the formatting of the original textfield, but loose any possible hard enters and formatting you might have done when entering the text normally.

As text in variables will break into a new line when your textholder is filled... it is somewhat tough to get an exact replica of something a designer might have envisioned.

As you can see in the image below i tried replicating your sample.

And couldnot get it exactly alike. The size of your textbox and the margins defined under 'Format Shape - Text Box' define how your text will wrap.

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