Sequence Drag-and-Drop: Multiple Attempts (Try Again)

Jul 15, 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a scene that contains a: (1) video slide, (2) knowledge check slide, and (3) results slide. The knowledge check slide asks users to put items in sequence. Since the steps can be confusing, I would like to give learners two total attempts before they receive the "incorrect" response. In other words, if they get it wrong the first time, they get one more try. If they get it wrong the second time, they're told the answer is incorrect, taken to the results slide, select a button to kick them back to the video slide, and after rewatching the video, they retry the knowledge check. (If anyone is wondering why I have a results slide, it was necessary to add it in order to reset the attempts on the knowledge check. If the user got the answer wrong and had to redo the knowledge check, the answers were greyed out. Adding the results slide and a trigger to reset the results fixed that issue).

At any rate, everything is working fine except the multiple attempts. On the knowledge check slide, there are four layers: (1) base layer, (2) correct, (3) incorrect, and (4) try again. When submitting a wrong answer the first time,  instead of being taken to the "try again" layer, I'm immediately taken to the "incorrect" layer after one attempt. My goal is for them to go to the "try again" layer first, then if they get it wrong a second time, go to the "incorrect" layer.

Everything else works fine. Any suggestions?

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