Sequence Drag & Drop in Storyline?

Is it possible to create a Sequence Drag & Drop in Storyline with Images?   I did a Convert to Freeform and I am having the user build a sandwich and things have to go on the sandwich in a certain order.   I have certain ingredients going to the top and certain to the bottom but no matter what order they put it in they are being marked correct.  I need the ingredients to go in a certain order.

Any Ideas?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Terri! That sounds like a fun interaction! Have you tried using separate hotspots for the drop targets of each individual item in the sandwich? That way you can specify in your question editor exactly where the correct drop location is for each item. Want to attach a copy of your story file (or at least the sandwich slide you're working on) so that we can take a look and make some recommendations for how to build the behavior you want?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shannon,

Really depends on how you want to do this. If you want to allow the learners to drag them in any order, it'll be a bit more complicated. If you want to control the order, it'd be pretty simple.

For example, if you want to ensure that they drag the items in the correct order, you could work with the states of the ingredients. You could make the initial state for the objects "Disabled" until a certain condition is met. Say you start with the first ingredient in a "Normal" state. Once that state changes to "Selected", the next ingredient's state could change to normal and allow the user to drag that ingredient into the blender. 

This would really be the quickest and easiest method for setting something like this up. Controlling the order for objects that can be placed in any order, but requiring a specific order may be a little more complicated. 

Here's a quick example using the state method I mentioned earlier:

Drag Order Example for Shannon

Let me know what you think :)


Stacy Bailey

One situation I am facing now is that our paperwork is not submitted in the right order.  I am making practice for the employees where I can change the state of the options, and this is working great for teaching the order because it forces the user to do the proper sequence.  I am wondering if there is a way to use the quizzing sequence drag and drop with pictures or another way to allow the user to try it on his/her own (not prompting with changing the states)?


Stacy Bailey

Thanks again for the remarkable guidance!  Would anyone be able to help me with one issue I am still having?  When I preview the scene and get the sequence wrong, the try again layer seems to work correctly until I get the correct response on the second attempt.  Then the Incorrect layer appears.  I am open to any suggestions.

Walt Hamilton

Wow, you've made that look really great.

I only looked at slide 1, but when the try again layer sends the user back to the base layer, the papers are still in the bin, and when they are taken out, the value of NextVariable is lowered. I got slide 1 to work by not resetting NextVariable on the Try Again layer. When the papers are dragged out, it is changed back to 0, and I think it will work the same for the other slides.

You can tell by creating a textbox on the slide. Put %NextVariable% in it, and it will always show the value of the variable, so you can track its progress.

Walt Hamilton

I previewed the scene, not the project, but everything worked for me. I put in a wrong answer, then a correct answer and always got it correct the second try. The only time it didn't work  was if I thought I had the first paper correct and left it in the bin, and didn't drag them all out.

The answer is simple enough.  If you don't set the Drop variables on the Try Again layer, then if a user thinks they have the first paper correct, and wants to leave it in the bin, they can, and it will work. (I think)

Joshua Zettel

I'm creating a card sort of 44 cards which will be dragged 1 at a time into 4 squares. It is functioning as I want it to for the first 10 cards, however, when I drag the 11th card it does not drop. I checked the tasks, states and everything and it is consistent with the other cards. The form view lists everything as it should. Is there a limit in storyline 360 of 10 drag items in a free form drag and drop question? Is there a workaround?