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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Adam!

I apologize for the troubles you are encountering trying to change the default program to open an image in Storyline from Paint to Photoshop.

There are a couple of ways you can change this: one way in Storyline, and the other, from File Explorer on your computer. 

  1. To change the default settings in Storyline, when you are in the Media Library in Storyline, click on Edit, then Choose Another App (if you do not see Photoshop in the list of apps), find Photoshop in the list, and check Always use this app top open .jpeg files, and click on Ok.
  2. Another way to change a default app for .jpeg images on your computer is to right-click .jpeg in File Explorer, click Open With, and then pick the Choose another app option and choose Photoshop. Then you can check the box to Always use this app to open .jpeg files and click on Ok

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you need additional assistance!