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Matthew Bibby

No, there is not.

The trick is to set the master slide tab order first on your first slide, then duplicate that slide as you continue building. Very frustrating when things change on a master slide level late in the build.

For example, when I build a menu on the master slide I'll add a lot more objects than I'm likely to need, set up the tab order, then hide the unused objects. This way, when I need to add new menu items late in the build, I don't have to redo the tab order on every slide. 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, folks! 

While such a feature doesn't exist right now, I'd love to best understand your needs. Would you mind telling me a little more about why having such a function would come in handy for you?

Feel free to share that detail with me here or through the Feature Request form. I'm happy to pass it to our product team! 🌟

Matthew Bibby
Griz Morrison

Ooh, feature request!   It would also be nice to be able to take decorations that are on the master and remove them from the tab order altogether. 

You can do this already. Go to your slide master, select the object and deselect the 'Object is visible to accessibility tools' option. 

Griz Morrison

Thanks Matthew!  With your help, I was able to find the right box to do this. 

(I thought it was impossible since the trash can icon is greyed out when you're rearranging the tab order of things on a regular slide that uses the master, and the master slide didn't have a tab order button that I could see.) 

Melissa Suárez del Real

Hello. Are there any updates on this? I recently noticed that once the objects are created in a certain order there is no way of changing it. I've tried re-importing, copying and many other things...nothing works. Once the order has been defined within a set of objects, there is no way of changing it. Is there any upcoming solution?