Setting 'Results.ScorePoints' to equal my custom score variable

Sep 21, 2016

This subject seems to have been discussed for several years (which suggests a SL improvement is needed ...) but I would appreciate some guidance. 

I will have 10 custom quiz questions which can't be handled by standard SL quiz types (individual answer scoring and ticks/crosses within each question screen).

I accumulate the score from these 10 in a variable called 'My_Score'. I will also have another 30 questions which will use SL question templates and which accumulate their overall score in 'Results.ScorePoints'. 

So when I reach the Results slide I have my custom variable plus the SL 'Results.ScorePoints' variable. I can add them together with a Trigger to make 'My_Score' equal to the total score for all 40 questions but what is the simplest way to get this variable back into 'Results.ScorePoints' so that it appears in the Results and goes back to the SCORM LMS?

Could I force a 'dummy' quiz question with a data entry field to be set to the 'My_Score' value, so that the 'Results.ScorePoints' takes on this value?


JavaScript I don't believe can modify the 'Results.ScorePoints' variable?

Many thanks, Tim 

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lynn sim

Hi, I wander anyone can help me take a look at my file created in Storyline 360. I have added multiple questions on a slide thus need to use custom score variable to add them up. The problem is when it come to the result slide I need to set the Results.ScorePoints to equal my custom score variable. The file will  be upload as SCORM to Blackboard and report as status: completed.

I try to use the javascript from this discussion but it is not working. As I am a multimedia designer without any javascript background, I can only copy and paste without knowing where could be the problems.

Will really appreciate if anyone could help me change the javascript to make it work.

Shailendra Kumar

I have used the custom score variable and wanted to set LMS status as complete on the basis of the user score. However, the completion status is being determined based on slides viewed. For example, If I have scored below 75% and attempted all the questions, the LMS status should be incomplete and failed, but it is reflecting as complete.

I have used following js code on the last screen:

var player=GetPlayer();
var cScore=player.GetVar("FinalScore");

var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(cScore, 100, 0);

if (cScore>=75)

Please help me to sort out this problem ASAP as an important project delivery of mine depends on this.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Abdul, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

Since this is an older discussion, Tim's solution might be different than what you're looking to do. 

When you add a Results slide, you have the option to choose multiple draws or questions from different sections of your project, which would calculate a final score. 

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Let me know if this helps!