Shapes moving out of alignment in preview mode

I have shapes nicely aligned in the normal view (stacked rectangles to make a gauge) but when I preview it, they are all akilter.   This also happens to some other shapes I have stacked.  When it is previwed, the top shape is moved over somewhat, exposing what is below.  Any suggestions on preventing this?

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Heidi Rollinson

Hi Leslie,

I'm not sure that one more person saying "it's happening to me too" helps, however, it's happening to me too! :-(

I am noticing it particularly when using speech or thought bubbles. Sometimes the placement of the image moves in preview/publish and other times the text or other grouped assets do  - this can be subtle movement or quite drastic. In addition (see attached example) some of the image may also disappear. It happens to items that are grouped or as a standalone asset and across multiple projects. It's highly frustrating and a time consuming issue. 

I am working in Storyline 360 and assets and publishing are local to my laptop.

Attaching an example...

Best wishes,


Amanda Olson

Same issue here in 360. These are shapes that were drawn in Storyline and are stacked in states veiw (so no resolution issues) and all files are local. Preview and published versions (with a variety of publishing settings) are still misaligned. Very frustrating. Please keep me updated if this gets resolved. All of the developers in our office are experiencing similar issues with the alignment of objects sporadically. 

Edward Crane

Something similar happening to me too....what's happening is I have shapes overlaying an image. When i click the preview arrow on the timeline, I notice that the image is shrinking about 30 pixels. So it appears the shapes are moving, but actually it's the image getting smaller. See attached.

Lauren Connelly

Just a quick note to let you know that the issue where shapes are not aligned in preview/publish is fixed in the latest Articulate 360 Update. You'll want to download that update to take advantage of the fix!

Edward, are you using Storyline 360? If you want to share your file, I'm happy to take a look. You can do so by using the Add Attachment button in this discussion. Or you can share link with our Support Engineers privately.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Brendan,

I am sorry to hear that after updating to the latest version of Storyline 360, you are continuing to see this issue. 

With your permission, would you be able to share your .story file to this thread? If you would prefer to send your files privately, please feel free to connect with our Support Engineers! We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.

Christina Clark

I'm still seeing this bug in SL360. It's frustrating when things that have clearly been reported over a number of years go unfixed. Is there more the community can do to help track down the problem?

I've been able to find a workaround by reinserting all of the radio button objects on this slide. I have a large curriculum of modules all with these sorts of quiz slides. Here's hoping I don't have to rebuild all of them!

Jon Schiedermayer

Articulate, I think one question we all have about this is regarding existing projects and templates. If this issue really is fixed, as @Lauren Connelly states above, does the fix apply to existing projects? Will the issue still be present in projects that use templates created in past versions? Please instruct as to how the fix has been implemented and what situations it does not apply to. (Thank you for your continued contribution to this thread...I'm sure it's frustrating at a customer service level that something so basic causes so much ire).

Katie Riggio

Greetings, everyone!

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, and I'm really sorry for the trouble this alignment issue is causing. 

It looks like this bug has resurfaced in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3, so we need to take a second look at what changed. I'm going to bring this back up with the team and will keep this discussion posted on what we find out.

Thanks for bearing with us and if there's anything else we can do to help in the meantime, we'll be right here!

Christine Cho

Having the same problem with the misalignment in the preview view.  But also that the parts of the shapes get cut off or disappear.  I've attached examples, with boxes on the preview of where the issues appear. 

I've used the cloud caption object and they are not grouped with the objects atop of them.