Shapes publishing/previewing in incorrect positions

Hi there. I'm working on a module with loads of 'click to discover' interactions. The user clicks on a hidden shape to reveal information. There are many options per slide.

The way it has been setup has been working fine. Yesterday, the client wanted the items on the slide to move up the page slightly. I selected all the objects and "arrow nudged' the items by 30 pixels up and sideways. Everything looks perfect on the slide.

When I preview (and worse, publish) nearly all the hidden shapes are displaying in the incorrect position.

Needless to say this is disappointing. And more importantly, annoying. I have lots of slides with this 'glitch' now.

I have tried reformatting the shape by resetting using the "change shape" option - no joy.

I have created completely new shapes and inserted them over the desired space only to have them also appear misaligned - see the Hello box in the images below.

What is truly bizarre is that the top two shapes and also the bottom are all perfectly aligned. The rest seem to be 20-30 pixels south of the intended spot.

I have highlighted the text in red that the shapes (blue outline boxes) cover so one can see the misalignment.

It's like the geometry of the slide is screwed up. The shapes have a 'memory' of where they were rather than where they physically are on the slide.

This has occurred in v3.30.19518.0. I reverted back to this build due to work disappearing on me last week in the latest v3.31 build.

Anyone having similar geometry issues? I'm not looking for alternate solutions to this problem (such as hyperlinking the text, etc). I am hoping that someone in Articulate is aware of this bug.


As it should be

How it is

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Diarmaid Collins

I realise that from those screengrabs it looks as if the previewed/published output altered the margin within the underlying email text box allowing the word "renewal" to remain on the same line as the Subject. This is what has caused the misalignment.

So the issue is not the shapes being out of whack but that somehow the underlying text box properties are being altered when in preview.

So, yeah, my major panic is over. I have adjusted the width of the email box and the items are all in place now.

Lauren Connelly

Hello, Engage Them!

Sorry, you're running into this issue as well! Can you share more details as to where the responsiveness isn't working? Are you viewing the course on a desktop or mobile device?

If you can share your project, we'll be happy to take a look. You can upload the .story file in this public discussion or privately in a support case.