Sharing a project with someone who doesn't have Storyline

Nov 07, 2012


I'm trying to share my project with someone who does not have storyline and who is not connected to our company server.

I have tried publishing and emailing the project, but an error message appears saying that an error has occurred.

When I try sending the entire project as a zip file, the file does not open in the browser (I made sure to publish for internet).

Lastly, I tried to upload to drop box and send a public link to the file, but that is not working either.

Are there any other options?

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kendra!  It sounds like you were unable to load your content onto Tempshare.

  • What version of Storyline did you use to make the course?
  • Did you include Flash output?  Presently, even if your course defaults to HTML5 output, you need to include Flash output for Tempshare to work.

Here's a quick tutorial for using Tempshare.  Let me know what else I can do to help!

Julie Boothroyd

I have the same issue as Rachael. I am trying to use StoryLine for a training and not all of my viewers (general public) have access to Articulate. I would need to be able to have this resource to send to the viewers, which would cause it to be needed for more than 10 days. Any suggestions?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Julie,

Once you publish your content, the viewers do not need Articulate to view your content.

How are you wanting to share it with them? Do you have access to an internal server that you could host the content on? If so, publish to the web, upload to your server, then share the URL with them.

If you just need someone to take a look for feedback, I'd be sure that you took a look at publishing to Articulate 360 so that they could view it in Articulate Review.