Sharing course with outside Client/PDF Resource

Aug 05, 2021

I created a course in Storyline and have a PDF as a resource on one of the slides. This course was shared with an external source (client) in the LMS format for them to upload to their LMS. They are unable to view the PDF resource, from what I have read in the forum here it is because Storyline only creates the path and points to the file that it is referencing. Can we add the PDF to the zip file that is creating when LMS publishing is selected? How can they view the PDF when viewing the course in Storyline?

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David Schwartz

Hi Sherry,

I'm assuming the PDF is being linked to from a website. Is that correct? Or was it linked to from a local file, but not added to your resources?

What you'll want to do is have a local copy of the PDF, and in the Player, add it to Resources within the course. So in Resources, you will be pointing to the local copy, rather than to a website.

Then, on the screen where you currently have the link to view, you'll want a trigger that opens the file. Use the path below:


Basically, you will then be pointing to the location within the published course where the PDF exists.

This will not appear in preview mode, but should work in Articulate Review, and on the LMS.


Sherry Drake

The PDF Is not being linked from a website, it's linked form a local file on my shared drive. The client does not have access to my shared drive, it's an outside organization. I already had it loaded to the resource within the course. It seems like they need it on their shared drive or in the zip file that is sent over. I also do not have access to their shared drive.

David Schwartz

The client should not need access to your drive. As long as you've added it to Resources in your module, what I suggested above should work for linking the file from a page in the course. You could check your zip file from the published output to make sure: the file should be in the folder "story_content" in a folder "external_files".

Can the client see the file using the Resources link from the player? If you upload the course to Review, can you see the file yourself that way?