Simple Game that saves data into a Spreadsheet - Try it !


I am a graduate student in Educational Technology. Next October I will be participating in a conference on educational games.
My communication is about Educational Games Analytics. Basically I explain how you can save data on the use of a game and then do statistical analyzes that allows improve the game and know the performance of the players.

To illustrate the concepts I explain, I developed a simple game in SL2. I used triggers JavaScript to send data to a spreadsheet for statistical analyzes.

You can explore the game here (it's in French but easy to understand):

Bien se conduire - Drive well 

The spreadsheet where data is stored is this:

Google Drive DB - Game Analytics

Raw data are stored in the "DATA" tab. Then with Google scripts, data are separated into two tabs: men (Hommes), women (femmes) and people who did not give their sex (NRP). The calculations are made with google spreadsheet formulas in Totals tab (Totales).  Finals results are presented in dashboard tab (DashBoard).

It's funny to see our data recorded in real time !

Try it !

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