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Alexandros Anoyatis

Higher resolutions significantly affect performance of most Articulate Apps - Storyline more than the others.

Normally I would view development in 4K as overkill, but I see why you would want to do something like that on a 75" device.

Not much of an alternative in this case, what you're experiencing is ordinary behavior, unfortunately.

Good luck.

Note: For what it's worth there's significantly less of a hit during playback of the actual output, so maybe enduring the lag during development may be worth it in this case.

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I have since gotten a lot better performance  computer - so the tests have shown that capability of SL is about the application coding not only the computer performance, although it does help with a lot more memory in the machine. 
But i wouldn't say that SL currently is optimized for 4K content.
Larger projects is unresponsive.