SL360 Invalid Answer

Oct 12, 2018

In Storyline 2 when I created custom feedback layers, the pop-up box for the "Invalid Answer" message was still the gray box, so I had to create a custom invalid answer message that matched my other custom feedback layers by adding some other triggers, etc.

I'm new to using SL360.  Is there a way in SL360 to have the "Invalid Answer" automatically match the custom feedback layers I create?

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Marc Zoerb

Are you sure this approach works equally well for Drag & Drop interactions?  Would I need to add a "Selected" state to any objects to be dragged to targets?  If I do so & follow the rest of the approach in the video, the trigger to show the invalid layer works as expected.  However, if I drag one or more objects to the incorrect targets & click Submit, the invalid layer displays again vs. an incorrect layer, which is not what I would expect.  Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!



In case anybody needs a functional example on this, as it is kind of a recurrent question, but the answers in the community depends on the Storyline version, I build this simple DnD interaction that displays a custom invalid answer layer, when the exercise is submitted and no drag-item has been dropped on a drop-item. 

Even if you drag one item to a drop and then you take it back to its initial position, as no drag-item is in a drop-item, the custom invalid layer is displayed.

This is made by means of drag-items states, drag-item triggers and submit button triggers.

Here you have a functional example: