Slide Master Base Layer: Custom Buttons Not Displaying

Mar 26, 2022

I have placed custom buttons on the base layer of a Master Slide. When I preview or publish the buttons, they do not display properly. The buttons are made up of a rectangle with an additional graphical element added into the various states. It is these additional elements that do NOT display. They do, however, display when I put the buttons on a layer other than the base layer.

I've reinstalled Storyline AND I've recreated this on a brand new version of a file, so it is repeatable across Storyline versions and different files.

Is this a known bug?

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but you can fix the problem.  Go to the master, edit a button, and move the part with the text down so about half of it is on the gray part. Preview the slide, and you will see that the part with the words is behind the gray part. Possibly it has to do with the order in which they were created. I tried moving one forward, or the other one back, but it didn't work. What did work was to duplicate the part with words, delete the original, and reposition the copy. Since they all have different colors, I had to recreate each state.

FWIW, I generally put objects that go on the master on one of the layouts, not on the Master layout. That way, I can create a slide without those objects if I need to.