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Jan 25, 2022

I have a slide master (default layout "Question") that I'm  using for the Knowledge Check questions. I cannot change the length of the text box that holds the question and I cannot move the box "question choice". I want to shorten the question text box and I want to move the choice box down to give a bit more space between the 2 boxes.

I can make some edits that stick - I've added a line border to both text boxes. I can adjust the text alignment. I can add a photo to the slide.

I've tried editing the properties in format shape/text box, but nothing I do shows up when I preview the questions. What did I miss?


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Becca Levan

Hello Rebecca!

Thanks for reaching out; I'm happy to help!

  • Are you having trouble editing the boxes from the Slide Master view or directly on the slide that you have the layout applied?
  • Do you experience the same issue in all files, or is it just this one?

I want to take a closer look if possible. Any chance you can share a recording of what you're experiencing or attach your file? Looking forward to keeping at this with you!

Rebecca Winnier

My first screen recording! Hope this helps. To answer your second question - yes, this happens from time to time. I remember trying to make changes when I was very new to SL and I thought it was just me being new. We decided to not use the question bank for that training so I manually edited each question slide and gave up on trying to figure out the master. This time I need to make changes. Thanks for your help - hope you see something I missed.

Becca Levan

Yay for first screen recordings! That is super helpful 😃

I replicated your steps and am not seeing the same behavior. If this only happens in one file, I'd recommend these steps:

  • Try reapplying the layout to the slides to see if that makes a difference. 
  • Try importing the slides into a new blank Storyline file to see if that helps.

If you see this in multiple projects, run a quick repair on Storyline. If you're still hitting a snag, let's get our support engineers involved for deeper troubleshooting!

Rebecca Winnier

Thank you for your help. I was able to get all the text boxes to completely update by going into each slide and updating the format with "apply layout" - however I did have to then click in the text box on each slide to make it happen. Fortunately there aren't that many questions in the question bank for this training so it didn't take too long.