Slide not advancing when clicking next

Oct 25, 2021

Attached is a snippet of a project I'm working on in Storyline.  The first slide is an image with some text.  The second slide is all text.  When I preview the project the first slide appears.  When I click "Next" the slide is given a gray shadow and it looks like it wants to go to the next slide, but all I see are 3 white dots that look like the project is thinking about advancing to the next slide, but it never advances.  I've played around with this by adding a blank slide after the first slide.  On preview it advances to the blank slide.  I then added the first paragraph to the blank slide.  During preview, it advanced to the next slide.  I added the next little bit of text to the second slide, and it refuses to advance on preview.  I also uploaded the project to Review 360 with the same results.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!


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Phil Mayor

You have some special characters in the text that are preventing the slide loading.

Simple way to test this is to switch objects off on the timeline, preview and then switch them back on until the preview stops this will find the broken item. Taking the text and running it through notepad will fix it but will then need reformatting.