Slide Notes Font Color

May 31, 2022

RE:  "The default text color for slide notes is controlled by your player properties. And you can see what that color is without opening your player properties. Just enter some text in the notes panel. When you use the modern player style, your slide notes will either be dark gray or white."

What controls this color setting in the modern player? I would like my slide notes to be white, but it appears gray. I am using the dark modern player.

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Kelly Auner

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can change the font color in your notes section by highlighting the text, and then navigating to the Home ribbon on top of your screen. In the Font section, you can change the theme color to white. I've included an example below.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Melanie Sobie

Thank you. I am aware how to change the font color in the notes panel on each individual slide.

What I am asking is - what determines, or controls, whether the player will display in "white or gray font". What is that based on? Since it is an "or" statement, I would like to know what controls that functionality. Would I need to select a custom modern player to have the notes panel text display in white as default instead of gray?

Kelly Auner

Hi Melanie,

Apologies for the confusion! 

The colors in the notes section are determined by the Player properties.
  • Modern player in dark mode will show a black background and dark gray text. 
  • Modern player in light mode will show a white background and black text.
  • Modern player in custom mode will allow you to choose your own background and accent colors for the player. The font will remain gray or black depending on the background color you choose.
You can manually change the text color in the Notes section to white on each slide, but currently, cannot be done universally. Additionally, I've made a request to update our documentation as the text color will only appear as gray or black, not white.
I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions.