Slide out navigation bar or menu bar

Aug 24, 2022

I'm looking for a template or storyline file that has a slide-out navigation bar or menu. I've looked through the discussion however, everything is from a long time ago and the files aren't converting properly. If anyone has anything that would be great!

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Jerry Beaucaire

I created this effect using layers in the master slide.  Only the initial row of links shows all the time, the rest cascade down as an additional master slide layers using mouse-over triggers.

One other trick I employed was that each popup the user can only select the OVERVIEW introduction on each menu the first, but after viewing that, they could then select any item in the menu from then on.

Attached is a sample story I created a while back.  Most of the slides are not included in in this sample, but this will allow the sample to load a little faster and you can see the navigation in action at least.