Slide size with and without controls

I'd like as much real estate on each slide as possible but still retain nav controls, menu and a glossary. Per the attached screen shots, there's a significant difference with and without controls. Suggestions to maximize the screen while still retaining the controls short of building custom nav, menu, CC and glossary? Am I missing something simple? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Walt Hamilton

Just some philosophical musing on the subject. If you want more screen space because you may be dealing with learners that need things to be larger to see them - that is admirable. If you want more screen space to be able to jam more material onto each slide - maybe you could rethink how people learn best. Nancy Duarte says if you have more than 50 word on a slide, you don't have a visual medium; you have a book. Personally, I think 50 words on one slide is kind of crowded. One concept at a time, and as simple as possible seems to fit our current knowledge of how people learn best.

But that's just my personal soapbox, and not the question you asked.

Carrie Eaton

I don't have that info, Phil. This is an international organization so I suspect there's no common size. In the past I've typically chosen resize browser to fill screen assuming that takes care of it. No? And I'm reading elsewhere here on Heroes that when playing on multiple devices, it's best to choose resize to optimal size to avoid distortion of items on the screen.